About PBM
About Professional Building Maintenance (PBM)

PBM was established in 1977 and has grown from a tiny company to a multi-million dollar organization serving the janitorial needs of over 300 clients in a wide variety of different industries.

We currently clean in excess of nine million square feet located in office buildings, medical facilities, warehouses, factories and schools.

Professional Building Maintenance eliminates the need for separate contractors to clean, repair, and maintain your facility. Competent, fully bonded and drug-screened staff work around the clock or as needed to keep your workplace clean, bright, attractive and inviting, safe and secure, and ready for business. Our best maintenance practices have proven to contribute to maximizing the life of the facility while reducing life cycle costs.


Single and Multi-Tenant Office Buildings, High-rises, Medical Facilities, Retail Stores, Restaurants, Manufacturing and Production Plants, Warehouses, Multi-Location Accounts, Municipalities, Churches, Schools, Day Care Centers, Fitness Centers, Clean rooms, Construction Sites, Casinos, Automotive Dealers, and Special Events.

Strength and Resources

PBM is a financially sound company, always striving to run our operations as efficiently as possible. We have an excellent banking relationship, allowing us to manage our accounts effectively. We can easily provide any equipment and labor needed as well as supporting any additional growth. Our employees and clients alike can feel secure with our financial stability and management. Additionally, through effective management, training, and supervision, we have kept our insurance premiums low and are able to turn those savings back over to our clients in the form of very competitive pricing.

Qualified and Innovative

We know from over 30 years experience in this business that although there are many commonalities, we’re also aware that each individual customer has a different set of specific requirements and expectations.

PBM is committed to forming a partnership with you that will assist us in meeting, and then exceeding the objectives you set forth. PBM is unusually suited and qualified to bring all the experience and expertise that your needs demand. We bring all the best of conventional wisdom and proven methodologies to bear and we are known for venturing beyond tradition to embrace new and innovative thinking.

Your employees spend thousands of hours per year in your office. As such, they might be exposed to many elements that can adversely affect their health if the office is being inadequately cleaned. These include aggravation of conditions such as asthma and allergies, and the spread illnesses and viruses through cross-contamination.