PBM is Fully Insured

PBM will maintain public liability and property damage insurance fully insuring our company against liability imposed by the law or assumed under this agreement for injury to or death of any person or loss of or damage to property arising directly out of the work performed by our company here under with limits of $5,000,000.00. Also contained is insurance against liability incurred by our company to all employees of our company and their dependents, heirs and assigns for injury to or death of any of our employees arising under workers’ compensation laws, employer’s liability, industrial insurance or other law or similar general character now or hereinafter applicable. Certificates of all insurance will be submitted to you upon request.

Any claim against PROFESSIONAL BUILDING MAINTENANCE arising out of any conduct or omission giving rise to the claim must be made immediately after knowledge of the events leading to the claim is received, and in no case more than one (1) week after the events should reasonably have come to the attention of the client. Client waives and releases all claims against contractor which are not presented in a reasonably timely manner.