our staff

We are superbly staffed in the areas of supervision, management, and quality control, ensuring that our cleaning staff is well trained, and never “abandoned” in their efforts. Our proactive team members will be physically present and active in your facility on a regular basis, training, inspecting, and overseeing the work to ensure the results meet your expectations.

Our well-trained workers are always equipped and successful in their duties, ensuring that they have the proper cleaning arsenal to completely fulfill everything promised in our Specifications. Our Healthy Building Cleaning Program does a better job of dust removal, detail cleaning, and overall building sanitation than the outdated methods still used by the majority of cleaning companies today.

Our sales representatives bring our unique insights and fresh perspectives, drawn from over forty years of hands-on experience in the cleaning industry. You receive a wonderful balance of practical and strategic thinking in the specialty areas required for proper facility cleaning and maintenance. Allow our management to apply our proven quality assurance systems and customized staff training and motivational programs to the requirements of your facility. Regardless of what company you hire to clean your building, you need to know WHO has the keys to your facility and WHO is in your facility either after hours or even during work hours. Personnel employed to perform janitorial duties are not expected to steal, harass employees, surf the internet, or worse, compromise company records, but that is unfortunately what often happens.