Green Cleaning & Supplies
Cleaning Processes

Daily disinfecting of light switches and doorknobs to minimize cross-contamination Color-coded mop and cleaning cloth system for separate rooms (i.e. restrooms, offices) A comprehensive carpet and walk-off mat cleaning program will enhance the appearance of your facility and improve indoor air quality. Carpet cleaning for cleanliness rather than appearance only will assist your efforts to achieve a “green” facility.

Chemicals Used
  • Metal free floor cleaning and stripping products
  • Metal free cleansers
  • No glycol ethers, ammonia or phthalates
  • No aerosols or powders (to minimize airborne particulates)
Equipment Used
  • Micro Filtration Vacuums (96% efficiency at 1 micron or greater)
  • Usage of Micro-fiber wet mops, dust mops and cleaning cloths
  • Disposable dust sleeves instead of feather dusters
  • Floor machines with dust guards, vacuum and filter system.
  • Chlorine free and recycled paper products
  • 30% post-consumer recycled refuse liners
  • pH neutral hand soap

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