quality assurance

Allow our management to apply our proven quality assurance systems and customized staff training and motivational programs to the requirements of your facility. Regardless of what company you hire to clean your building, you need to know WHO has the keys to your facility and WHO is in your facility either after hours or even during work hours. Personnel employed to perform janitorial duties are not expected to steal, harass employees, surf the internet, or worse, compromise company records, but that is unfortunately what often happens.


Our field staff is highly organized and structured starting with Operations Managers to Utility (Specialty) Techs to our 500+ full and part-time custodians working throughout our coverage area. We compensate our employees fairly and, thereby, enjoy an extremely low turnover of personnel. All employees are screened carefully and applications are available to you at all times. Our employees are appropriately instructed in the areas of safety, building security, conduct, communications, and on-the-job ergonomics. Work on your premises will be performed by permanently assigned employees.

Regular day and night inspections of our client’s facilities are performed by our management and supervisors in order to ensure consistently high levels of workmanship. Our service department is available 24 hours daily to handle any emergencies or special requests.