Janitorial Services
Health & Environmental Responsibility

Through our recently implemented Healthy Building (“Green”) Cleaning Program, we take advantage of the latest in cleaning industry technology to clean for the health of the occupants and workers in our clients’ facilities, but in a way that lessens the negative impact of that cleaning on the outdoor environment that sustains us all. Additionally, we are aware of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) rules and will follow all applicable safety measures. We will notify you, the client, of any discrepancies which may violate these rules.

We use 4-level micro-filtration vacuums in both backpack & upright vacuuming for enhanced fine particle removal and thorough detail vacuuming capability. HEPA filtration and/or Quiet-Pro vacuums are available for more sensitive areas.

Professional Building Maintenance eliminates the need for separate contractors to clean, repair, and maintain your facility. Competent, fully bonded and drug-screened staff work around the clock or as needed to keep your workplace clean, bright, attractive and inviting, safe and secure, and ready for business. Our best maintenance practices have proven to contribute to maximizing the life of the facility while reducing life cycle costs.

Sanitary-color-coding is our way of separating the restroom cleaning supplies from those used in other areas. Dual-compartment mop buckets prevent potentially damaging splashes while further isolating contaminants through separating the clean solution from the dirty. Color-coded buckets are available for large facilities.

Our standard cleaning arsenal now includes micro-fiber cloths and mops to actually get the dust and dirt OUT of the facility – and not just push it around.

PBM’s cleaning chemical applications balance “green” chemicals, where appropriate, with effective surface disinfection where needed.